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About Me

My Products

Everything I create is done in my little shop in my home.  Each piece is a unique work of art, created one at a time from start to finish.  There is no mass production, no automated machines.  

Most of my pens are finished with a CA (Cyanoacrylate) finish.  This is the same basic product as instant glues.  It results in a durable glossy finish that is impervious to the dirt and oils in your skin, ensuring it will maintain it's great looks for a long time to come.

The Materials I Use

Many of the woods I use are sourced locally.  Cherry, walnut, maple, and oak are often "finds" from right here in Connecticut.  On more than one occasion, it is even rescued from the firewood pile!  Others are more exotic, sourced from all over the globe.  from Massur Birch from Finland, to Amboyna Burl from Myanmar or Laos, I use material from all over the world.

A growing segment of my work is with material sourced from reclaimed material from historical places.  the pens pictured below were made from wood salvaged from the old barracks of Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  I also have wood from several baseball stadiums, military installations, the Shawshank Tree, and Christ Church, the inspiration for the Great Hall of Hogwarts!  It is a constantly changing selection, so check to see what is currently available.  And if there is a favorite sports arena or ballpark you are interested in, contact me.  There is a good chance I can get some.

Pens created from wood from Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Create Something Truly Special

While the work showcased here are pieces I created based on my own thoughts, I can custom create a unique pen just for you!  The perfect Christmas or Birthday present, retirement, or wedding gift.  Contact me, and we can work together to create a truly unique piece of art.